Assignment 8: Recursion and Fractals

 Assignment Link:  ecommons

 Assignment duration: About 3 hours (Start Early!)

 Assignment:  Follow the steps of Topic 10: Trees and Fractals Using Recursion from BJC and stop right before Search for "Fractals in Nature". The XML file you turn in should include your blocks for both your recursive tree, the snowflake and the C-curve. 

Output:  Export the field of flowers and save it as XML.

      example: recursion.xml

What to submit? Submit your xml file as  "Attachments" in the submission area. 

 If you collaborated with someone, mention their name and email address in the comment area. 

 If you are resubmitting (after being graded in the lab), mention mention that in the comment area.

 Due:  Mar 14th, 8am.

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