Assignment 2: Intro to Snap (Kaleidoscope)

Week 2 Assignment
Goal: Drawing a Kaleidoscope.
Duration: About 2 hours.


What you need to do (4 steps):

1. Complete  the following “Intro to Snap!” activities (on your own or via a partner):

Intro to Snap!


2. Export the kaleidoscope and save it as XML.

     exmaple: kaleidoscope.xml

3.  Submit your xml file as  "Attachments" in the submission area. 

4.a. If you collaborated with someone, mention their name and email address in the comment area. 

4.b. If you are resubmitting (after being graded in the lab), mention that in the comment area. 

Grading Criteria:

  • Full credit is 10.
  • Extra credit +2 for a "fancy" kaleidoscope. Feel free to be creative! 
  • You can choose your own 4 sprite colors. 
Due:  Jan 18th, 8am