Assignment 3: Loops and Blocks

Week 3 Assignment
Goal: Drawing a  field of flowers and learning to use loops, and creating your own "abstractions" using custom blocks.
Duration: About 2-3 hours.


What you need to do (4 steps):

1. Complete  the following “Loops and Building your own blocks” activities (on your own or via a partner):

 Loops and Building your own Blocks.


2. Export the field of flowers and save it as XML.

     exmaple: flowers.xml

3.  Submit your xml file as  "Attachments" in the submission area. 

4.a. If you collaborated with someone, mention their name and email address in the comment area. 

4.b. If you are resubmitting (after being graded in the lab), mention that in the comment area. 

Grading Criteria:

  • Full credit is 10.
  • Extra credit +2 for a drawing a fancy flower field.  Feel free to be creative! 
  • If you draw a stem flower leaves, you will receive the +2 credit.
  • Use of Custom Blocks is a must in this project (at least two nested custom blocks). 
  • Use of randomness is a must in this project (e.g., random location for drawing a flower).
  • Be mindful about where you are drawing the flowers. It does not make sense to draw them in the air or sea. 
Due:  Jan 25th, 8am