Assignment 5: Abstraction and Testing

Week 5 Assignment
Goal: Learn about Advanced Building Blocks, Abstraction, and Testing.
Duration: About 3 to 4 hours.


What you need to do (4 steps):

1. Complete  the following “Topic 4: Advanced Building - Abstraction and Testing” activities (on your own or via a partner):

  How to start?

When you start, skip ahead to the "Sum Things Up" step open the project in there. Save this project as lab5 in the Cloud. Then go back and work from the beginning adding ALL blocks that you create to this lab5 project. You will be turning that in at the end and you will need to have all of your work in one project.

 How many blocks in total do I have to turn in? 

8 in total. That would be corrected 3, sum of numbers between x and y blocks, tic-tac-toe board drawing block, sum of 3 addition block, sum of two smallest block, "Are any equal?" block, and brick wall drawing block.

2. Export the final work and save it as XML.

     example: lab5.xml

3. Submit your xml file as  "Attachments" in the submission area. 

4.a. If you collaborated with someone, mention their name and email address in the comment area. 

4.b. If you are resubmitting (after being graded in the lab), mention that in the comment area. 

Grading Criteria:

  • Full credit is 10.
  • Extra credit in available. Extra two points for a fancy wall. 
  • Completing all of the blocks along the way will earn 10 out of 10 for this assignment.
  • Completing just the 7 blocks but failing to turn in the brick wall block, will earn a check- (8 out of 10). 
  • Clean nested blocking is a *must* for this assignment.  Review my example from last week.
  • Safety types and boundary checks are *must* for this assignment. 
  • Note: Make sure there is an example of the block placed on the main script so the TA can easily find it and check it. 

The script for your lab5 sprite should look something like the image below.

Due:  Feb 8th, 8am