Assignment 6: Multiple Sprites (mini project)

 Assignment Link:  ecommons
 Assignment duration: About 3-5 hours (Start Early!)
 Assignment:  Complete the following “the end of Topic 4 from BJC" activities (on your own or via a partner). Then design your own game or story.
 You have two options: Design an interactive story with some actions.  That is not everything is dialog-based. Or, design a game.
 After working through that brief section create either a simple game or tell a story. Your story or game should include at least two sprites. The rest is up to you. Although not required, this could be the start of something you expand on later for your final project.
 You can use the followings:
broadcast - you will learn it through finishing the end of Topic 4 from BJC  (a must)
use of ask and answer is also a must.
custom block(s) with parameters - You saw earlier examples on nested blocks
repeat/for loops.
if/else statements
variables (global variables like the score or time)
variables boundaries and type
 Game instructions at the beginning of the game.
 Grading Criteria:
Ø If you don’t submit as a XML, you will receive zero.
Ø Full credit is 10.
Ø Extra credit in available. Extra two points for a fancy game (not the story) with a lot of features.
Ø If you decided to implement the story option, you need some actions between the sprites as well (i.e. You need more than a few interactive conversations).  
Ø Use of *all* the followings is the must. If you don’t use one or more, you will lose 2 points.
broadcast - you will learn it through finishing the end of Topic 4 from BJC
Instructions at the  beginning of the game or story.
For example:  Use top bottom, left and right arrows to move your character.
some sort of interaction beyond dialog between Sprites. 


Output:  Export the field of flowers and save it as XML.
      example: mini-game.xml

What to submit? Submit your xml file as  "Attachments" in the submission area. 

 If you collaborated with someone, mention their name and email address in the comment area. 
 If you are resubmitting (after being graded in the lab), mention mention that in the comment area.
 Due:  Feb 23rd, 5pm.